I am Tom Alexander and this is my website.

Why do I have a website?

Because I write and make things and if you don't have a website, you might as well not exist these days. I've had websites before, under my own name and other assumed identities. I've never really settled with any one web-hosting platform or service. Vacillating between various platforms like Tumblr, Wordpress and Squarespace, I've never really felt comfortable in any of them. While I can sort of see the benefits of all of them, none of them felt like home.

Perhaps it's the nature of template/post based systems. To me, it's always felt like filling in a form that someone has put in front of you. That's OK if you know why you're filling out the form (essentially, what you're applying for by providing your content) and maybe it's this aspect that means they've never really worked for me.

As a writer, I know I'm supposed to have a blog. I'm supposed to post regularly and I'm supposed to promote my blog through social media so that I can build a readership I don't have time to write because I'm always blogging.

But I'm not really into what I'm supposed to do. It's not very fulfilling and given that I'm doing this almost entirely for my own benefit, I don't see why I should have to.

(I know that blogging is, itself, considered passé, and that by this point everyone's supposed to be putting their content on social networks. While I understand the attraction of a built-in audience, it always feels like a nasty and brutish process. The truncation of Twitter makes me glib and snarky, Facebook feels too much like keeping up with the neighbours (even if they are only old school friends you haven't seen for twenty years) and I don't like taking photographs of people I like, let alone the meal on my plate, so Instagram is out.)

A lot of the stuff I want to do doesn't fit into categories. It doesn't really make a lot of coherent sense in a tag cloud. I want to play around with words and technology in a way that can't really be done in a formal template/post based system. There are all sorts of ways to tell stories and there's so much more to do than just putting ebooks onto Amazon and obsessing about page rankings.

And if none of that high faluting art/tech interface stuff ever works, I want to write stories. Little stories, big stories, stories that don't go anywhere and stories that come from somewhere. All sorts of stories.

And the trouble with telling all sorts of stories is that it means you don't easily fit into a particular category. You're not a crime writer or a writer of children's books or a sci-fi author or someone who pens non-fiction. Except that if you do those things, you are those things. You're just not one of those things and that makes meta-tagging, search engine optimisation and all those other ultra-important things really difficult.

So, rather than create a feed or a stream that flows linearly out from me to an imaginary audience, I've decided to settle here, in my own little corner of the internet, and create a patchwork.

These are the the things I am doing, have done and will do. Some parts fit neatly together, others may seem totally at odds and some things will make no sense to anyone but me. That's OK, though. I am the connection between them all. Just me. And that's enough.

More stuff will be posted sooner or later.

If you want to get in touch with me, I can be emailed. Just contact me at this domain.